Policies and Plan

The best way to ‘act local’ is to have a good, comprehensive, and integrated plan to act upon. We need a plan!

We’ve witnessed how chaotic, dysfunctional party politics operates when there is no plan.
Our plan needs to contain all the important ingredients of a Central Coast ‘preferred future.
The plan should not be bits and pieces … a bit for Council, a bit for NSW Government, a bit for the Federal Government.
We don’t live in bits. We don’t need a disjointed ‘bits-and-pieces’ plan.

We need a plan that includes the important matters for which:
  1.  – Council is directly responsible [such as pot-holes, waste management, zoning of industries and housing]
  2.  – NSW Government is responsible [such as schools, hospitals, mining, transport]
  3.  – Federal Government is responsible [such as Medicare, defense, population, economy, trade, taxation].

We need a Central Coast PLAN.

We do not need a bits and pieces plan where one bit is a NSW policy area, or a Federal Government Policy area.

As your Independent Member for Robertson I will sit in the national Parliament and, along with the cross-bench, government and opposition, I will press each element of our constructive Central Coast Plan.

I will also make representations to each of the other 2 levels and their departments.

I will also make representations to non government funding institutions, notably our Australian Superannuation Funds to invest and fund infrastructure projects and regional businesses.

I will want to do this. I want to take, with the strength of your endorsement, ALL of our Central Coast Plan to all 3 levels of government and with industry… we can do this.

A united, effective approach to regional improvement will work. Unity always works better than artificial divisions.

To vote for me you will want to know what my policies are now.

Well, for 3 years I have been working with an cross-party, across-independent public group which has developed and distributed the “Community Plan Central Coast” [CPCC].

I support the contents of this plan and want you to know this. However, the CPCC is not yet the Council’s plan (there are however CPCC elements in Council) … so, you will want to know what my current PRIORITIES are.

Therefore, each section in the table below shows what my intentions are:
In plain print – to negotiate, over time, with Central Coast Council to adopt the policies outlined here.
In blue – my immediate priorities in respect of the relevant Policy area.

The table below lays out the comprehensive policy platform of my 18 policy areas that closely align to the work down by the Community Plan Central Coast. Click on each policy to access the policy document and plan in full.

1. Governance2. Consultation3. Environment
4. Aboriginal Futures5. Work & Families6.Youth /
7. Culture8. Health9. Transport
10. Education11. Local Business12.Pensioners
13. Housing14. Economy15. Democracy
16. Caring17. Emergencies18. Public Amenity