A Central Coast University

It’s time for a University of the Central Coast.
Offshoot campuses of far flung Universities is no longer good enough.

Why? We have low educational attainment rates, low household incomes AND 40,000 commuters leave the region daily to find the jobs to keep their families going.

We are the 3rd largest region in NSW, the 9th largest in Australia and the only sizable region without a locally run University or TAFE.

A Central Coast University – focused on local industry development in for example; Arts, Food, Marine Science, Australian History, Advanced Manufacturing & Smart Cities would unquestionably develop local industry, investment, employment and opportunities for the region’s citizens young and old.

This local university policy is part of comprehensive plan for the Central Coast – A locally focused plan to build Central Coast industry, local employment and household incomes.

The decades old culture of political apologies and compromise has not served the region well.

See the the full suite of community created policies at the campaign website davidabrahams.com.au

Future Focused Central Coast Industry

Each time a commuter jumps on a train or drives out of our region for the day the Central Coast looses a mind, a wallet, a carer and a thinker.

On the other hand the wages, sales and experience that our commuters brings back to the Coast keeps their households going.

Of course, the ideal situation is a locally based workplace that offers the high wage, interesting work s and lucrative contracts of the city.

There are some lucky people that achieve this perfect balance and they are some of the happiest professionals I meet.

The reverse is also true. While almost approx 40,000 locals commute each day most of them would rather work closer to home if they could maintain their pay level. Many indeed would be happy to take a pay cut.

As a region we have; some of the lower household incomes in NSW, a low employment participation rate, the highest rates of relationship break up and low high education attainment rates.

Education and employment are key to the success of any region and the very best way of increasing household incomes is to promote and assist the development of stable permanent employment in profitable, future focused industries.

To grow such industries we need a future focused & skilled workforce. That is why I am calling for our own University and TAFE, not an offshoot of a far flung university and TAFE. Our own institutions would work with local industries to grow both investment and employment.

To grow future industries we need world class internet, super fast, reliable, stable and affordable. That is why I continue to advocate for Gigabit Internet access on the Central Coast. I’m also advocating to upgrade the NBN for many of us that missed the world class fibre optic cable roll-out.

To grow future industries we must value our natural advantages and assets. That is why I am we must defend and improve our truly unique natural and cultural environment. Our high quality water and air make us increasingly attractive for food production, tourism, health, entertainment and service industries.

Local industries need our support more than we generally acknowledge. A person or group of people with a good local idea that fits the local future industries profile should be encouraged as far as possible. Buy their products, spread their good news and congratulate them when they win.

A Central Coast Plan vs Election Promises

The Central Coast has suffered more than most regions as a result of the ugly battle between the two major political parties.

Promises, Promises

The parties are desperate, throwing around promises and commitments to spend our public money.

All this while the region suffers incredible challenges in family stress, housing, under-employment, telecommunications, roads & transport and the environment.

Yet these moribund political parties offer bits and pieces in the form of election promises, more often blaming each other for the very real problems in our region.

There is no planning, no complete consultation with community specialists, no public debate.

Instead we see party candidates jumping in front of cameras, holding big cheques or ‘hijacking’ community events, effectively dividing locals into two groups of for & against.

A Plan is Different

A plan is more than a word or a media stunt or a selfie in front of a community group.

A real plan requires research, discussion and debate. It needs discipline and the of building agreement.

A plan takes time and requires a large degree of intellectual honesty, sadly something that our political parties have all but abandoned.

A Plan is a strategy for the successful completion of a project goal.

The Central Coast suffers because there is no singular plan. There are at least three uncoordinated plans, one for each level of government.

The NSW government sees the Central Coast as a land use issue, primarily an overflow area for Sydney’s population boom.

The Federal Government sees the Central Coast as a place to save money. Pealing back hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure programs such as the NBN & Youth Training leaving the region hopelessly divided.

The local government has engaged in some serious planning processes and holds the greatest prospect for solutions in some areas.

Though the Council has yet to seek a mandate from locals on their plans. The political parties are starting to cause deep divisions within the council and that threatens to cause.

These observations have been formed watching all flavors of governments treat the region with political contempt. Leaving the Central Coast with a culture that discourages planning and encourages cheap political promises.

It was for this reason that in 2016 a team of locals started a legitimate non-party political planning process called the Community Plan Central Coast.

The CPCC process has resulted in a comprehensive 18 part policy plan, not a perfectly complete plan but a solid plan and a process that offers very real solutions that negates knee jerk policy by election promise.

Supporters Momentum Meeting – Erina

Join me, the Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Robertson and the team for a meeting that will outline my Winning Plan for the Central Coast.

Are you sick of dysfunctional Party Politics and sick of chronic under funding of Central Coast infrastructure and services you will be looking for an alternative for real and effective change?

I will be presenting a comprehensive Winning Plan for the Central Coast. A plan that focuses on local solutions, delivered by local organisations, citizens and businesses.

Come on board a fun and caring team or simply come to listen and decide if you’d like to get involved.

Join us at Erina Library for a talk about positive politics and renewal

Register your interest here, entry is free.