Donations & Contributions

You may contribute to the campaign in many ways. We’ve made it easy, though there are some legal and ethical obligations that help frame this.


Running a campaign is surprisingly expensive, as anyone who has run any orgnaisation knows . We have insurances, energy, mobile and internet costs. Printing and signage costs are considerable, though the biggest cost by far is advertising and publicity. This is where the big parties use their power to gather donations from corporations such as banks, tobacco, pharmaceutical, petroleum and coal companies. Worse still they receive donations from foreign companies.

All donations go toward direct costs of the campaign and be assured that no donations go to personal, legal or political registration costs of the candidate or his family.

Direct Deposit (no service fee)
Bendigo Bank Ettalong Beach
Account Name: David Abrahams Campaign Committee
BSB: 633-000
Account Number: 164894875

Pay ID (no service fee)

PayPal and Credit Card (Small service fee)

Please note:

  • All contributions over $13,800 need to be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission by law.
  • All contributions must ultimately include the full name and address and contact details of the donor.
  • All donations will receive an electronic receipt (mailed on request).
  • All donations will be quarantined before verification of the donor is undertaken.
  • We will not accept donations from offshore; companies, organisations, individuals or governments or their organisations.
  • We will not take donations from ‘Harmful Industries’ as defined by Ethical Super
  • All donations over $1000 will be specifically listed in our books and audits.
  • Donations below $1000 will not be specifically itemised on request.
  • No political donations are tax deductible.

If you have further questions please contact –