PEP11 review a bad joke

Labor’s ‘review’ on oil and gas exploration a bad joke

David Abrahams, local businessman and Independent Candidate for Robertson has called federal Labor Candidate Anne Charlton’s announcement that Labor would review the Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 a bad joke and a slap in the face of the community. “In this election period the community wants a cancellation, not a review.” he said “The Council and and NSW parliament are against this, so why doesn’t Labor join us?”  “This announcement reminds me of the Monty Python Dead Parrot skit where a dead parrot is being sold to a customer”

Abrahams who has been leading the local campaign since December to stop the oil and gas exploration off Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle beaches. “I helped organise the peaceful rally on Umina beach on Sunday week back, 1800 people rolled up on a cold morning to make a stand” he said. “Anne Charlton and MP Lucy Wicks chose not to attend though of course they heard about it”.

“The Labor and Liberal parties are in lock step on this issue” he said. “Both express confidence in the federal regulator NOPSEMA. Though I have discovered NOPSEMA is not a regulator,

they are an industry advisory board to the Minister for Resources. The Minister makes the decisions”‘Therefore it is a political decision and we are in an election” adding”That is why since January I have been trying to bring all candidates on the Central Coast to the table on a true unity ticket on this, all have come on board except the Labor and Liberal Parties, why is that?”

Explosive seismic exploration off the Central Coast is expected to occur this year after the election. Proponent, West Australian based Asset Energy is on record saying they

Explosive seismic exploration off the Central Coast is expected to occur this year after the election. Proponent, West Australian based Asset Energy is on record saying they considered the 4000 square kilometre zone potentially Australia’s next Bass Strait. Documents lodged with the Australian Securities Exchange clearly show their intentions.

“If they proceed, this would mean ongoing coastal degradation complete with fish kills, whale strandings, dozens of oil/gas rigs, ongoing blasting and very likely mean petroleum spills that would ruin local fishing, birdlife and beaches”. “This would devastate our local tourism industry and damage coastal property prices.”

Abrahams says “I know both Lucy Wicks MP and Labor candidate Anne Charleston have expressed their personal opposition to the exploration, though both have their hands tied by their federal parties, this effectively allows the proposal to proceed” further adding “to me this demonstrates why party politics has such a bad name, they ignore their communities and are loyal to the parties first and foremost”.

“One reason I chose to stand as a community Independent was this dishonest behaviour by the major parties. They say they ‘fight for the Coast’ but in reality and action they fight for their party and themselves, not the community that elects them”  … “That is a bad joke, a joke we should not be laughing at”.

David Abrahams

Independent Candidate for Robertson

HG Nelson’s Pollie Punch Up

Join us for a few rounds of political debate and see who’ll throw the first punch…

Federal Election campaigning is in full swing with pre-poll open in Gosford from this week and Woy Woy plus Kincumber from next week.

One of the biggest topics for this year’s election is Climate Change so let me throw my views and actions at you on this topic or on other areas of interest; Local Infrastructure, pensions, youth or our own university, our own industries and local jobs.

One punch I will block is the ‘must stop’ Seismic Testing and Oil Rigs off our coast, indeed the need to examine any new fossil few activities. This is a round close to my heart.

If you’re at Save Our Coast’s “Hands across the Sand” event that day just pop up to the surf club for refreshments afterwards. If you are coming specifically for the event, there is plenty of parking around. But don’t be late or you may miss out on a spot inside.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Information at my Campaign FaceBook page.


The Independent candidate for Robertson and local businessman, David Abrahams, today called for an end to all oil and gas exploration off the beaches of the Central Coast.

In an unusual development, Abrahams called on all parties for joint political action to stop further exploration for oil and gas and the revocation of the Federal Government’s Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 [PEP 11]. Mr Abrahams said, “No-one wants ruined fishing grounds and oily beaches, no-one wants oil-soaked pelicans, no-one wants a ruined surfing environment, no-one wants dead whales and dolphins on our conscience”.

Mr Abrahams asked, “ If none of us want these horrors, why not join together and show the Central Coast community that politicians can work together for the community and need not always be at each others’ throats competing, fighting, scoring cheap points. Mr Abrahams argued, “ I would like to see a joint deputation to the Prime Minister, comprising Lucy Wicks [Liberal], Ann Charlton [Labor], Cath Connor [Greens] and myself [Independent].

“The reasons for trashing PEP 11 are obvious”, said Mr Abrahams.

“ First, the history of oil exploration is littered with accidents that ruin environments for decades”.

“Second, Big Oil is a big contributor to perilous Global Warming and Australia needs to stop being the international pariah and start being a future orientated smart nation that leads, not follows”.

“Third, the Federal Committee overseeing the licence conditions NOPSEMA is deliberately preventing Central Coast residents’ views being taken into account by not holding any community consultations on the Central Coast. Instead holding briefings in difficult to access locations both in Newcastle and Sydney.” Mr Abrahams said,”

The Central Coast has much to lose with oil rigs dotted along our beaches and coast. PEP 11 is a bad plan. I suggest a good plan … a rare and unified political unity in defence of Central Coast interests would be a powerful act of community-based concern. Let’s do it.”

Authorised Media Statement: David Abrahams Independent Candidate for Robertson Comment.