My independent campaign for Robertson started in late 2018 after prompting from several local community and business leaders, all of whom were fed up with the continued dysfunction and often under performing party politics. Something that continuously compromised the Central Coast.

My condition for running as a candidate was that I would run on a positive agenda and offer a real alternative for local people. That is why I am promoting a plan, not a protest. A plan based on broad community input. Not a disjointed political party plan. A community based WINNING PLAN for our Central Coast.

The Plan is deliberately ambitious, seeking to create a culture of leadership and vision for the entire Central Coast region through advocacy, collaboration and cooperative action. I’ve successfully done this before; in the full fibre NBN investment and the Youth Connections investments. I can do it again for roads & transport, industry & innovation, pensions & health and our own TAFE & University.

I actively supported and contributed to the Community Plan Central Coast [CPCC] prior to the 2017 Council election. It is a comprehensive sincere local community based plan and was the first time such a plan was created. It was not party based and recognised that good ideas came from across the community.

About 200 people were actively involved in the plan and they consider the Plan a working document, several policy areas are less than complete and others are being improved, something I consider a strength as we can always improve.

I support the Community Plan and have adopted its policies as the basis for my platform. It is important to note that the CPCC does not support me or any other candidates, indeed the CPCC encourages all candidates to adopt its policies.

I have naturally adopted the CPCC to put it into a Federal context by both adding policies and planning priorities.

We deserve better, and you can help make it happen. Sign up for the campaign to change the Central Coast for the better.

David Abrahams – Central Coast First and Always.