Surfers, fishers & Coasties must Unite to stop PEP11

The Independent candidate for Robertson and local businessman, David Abrahams, today called for an end to all oil and gas exploration off the beaches of the Central Coast. In an fresh development, Abrahams called on all candidates for joint political action to stop further exploration for oil and gas and the revocation of the Federal Government’s Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 [PEP 11].

I read with horror in the Coast Community News the company Asset Energy’s commitment to start exploration off Broken Bay in the coming months, despite community opposition.

Umina, Ocean Beach, Killcare, Terrigal and Pearl Beach would be in the worst position if the fish, whale and dolphins were affected by explosive underwater testing. We run the risk of beached whales, and mass fish deaths washing up on these beaches, thanks to the East Australian Currents.

Mr Abrahams said, “No-one wants ruined fishing grounds and oily beaches, no-one wants oil-soaked pelicans, no-one wants a ruined surfing environment, no-one wants dead whales and dolphins on our conscience”.
Mr Abrahams asked, “If no-one of us want these horrors, why not join together and show the Central Coast community that politicians can work together for the community and need not always be at each others’ throats competing, fighting, scoring cheap points.

Mr Abrahams argued, “I would like to see a joint deputation to the Prime Minister & Opposition Leader, comprising Lucy Wicks [Liberal], Ann Charlton [Labor], Cath Connor [Greens] and myself [Independent] and other candidates to cancel this before it becomes unstoppable.

“The reasons for trashing PEP 11 are obvious”, said Mr Abrahams.
“First, the history of oil exploration is littered with accidents that ruin environments for decades”.
“Second, Big Oil & Gas is a big contributor to perilous Global Warming and Australia needs to stop being the international pariah and start being a future orientated smart nation that leads, not follows”.
“Third, the Federal Committee overseeing the licence conditions NOPSEMA is deliberately preventing local residents’ views being taken into account by not holding any community consultations in the area, instead holding briefings in difficult to access locations both in Newcastle and Sydney.”

I am assisting the community organisation Save Our Coast organise a mass hand holding event, between Ocean Beach and Umina Beach Surf Clubs on May 5 at 12 noon.

Mr Abrahams said, ”The area has much to lose with oil rigs dotted along our beaches and coast. PEP 11 is a bad plan. I suggest a good plan … a rare and unified political unity in defence of community interests would be a powerful act of community-based concern. Let’s do it.”

I encourage all locals to attend the event and make a strong statement to the government about this outrageous assault on our coastal way of life.

Authorised by David Abrahams, Independent Candidate for Robertson