A Central Coast University

It’s time for a University of the Central Coast.
Offshoot campuses of far flung Universities is no longer good enough.

Why? We have low educational attainment rates, low household incomes AND 40,000 commuters leave the region daily to find the jobs to keep their families going.

We are the 3rd largest region in NSW, the 9th largest in Australia and the only sizable region without a locally run University or TAFE.

A Central Coast University – focused on local industry development in for example; Arts, Food, Marine Science, Australian History, Advanced Manufacturing & Smart Cities would unquestionably develop local industry, investment, employment and opportunities for the region’s citizens young and old.

This local university policy is part of comprehensive plan for the Central Coast – A locally focused plan to build Central Coast industry, local employment and household incomes.

The decades old culture of political apologies and compromise has not served the region well.

See the the full suite of community created policies at the campaign website davidabrahams.com.au