How can I help make positive change?

People are asking how they can add their voice to a call for positive, sensible and real change. Defending our coastline is worth any effort you have.

I know not everyone can attend meetings and rallies or even spend time online following issues.

I’ve made this little video to encourage you to do something positive to stop PEP11, however small it seems. Please do add your heart and your voice to secure our coast.

Much can still be done to stop PEP11 – keep active, keep positive and help others understand.

Link though to public documents relating to PEP11.

Link though to Save Our Coast web site and petition page.

For your assistance I’ve created a contact page for many of the relevant MPs and government agencies. Write, ring or post to their social pages. Click here to view. 

You may have your own creative ideas to positively influence the debate. If so do share those with us and we’ll let others know. Every little bit helps.

Keep an eye on our events page.